The Reason

My experiment with freestyle, social commentary poetry. Wrote this about 4/5 years ago, i think. Anyways, just read. *confiding tone*- it has a “message”.


The little kid in the park

Ignored because he’s black

The dirty girl on their porch

Thrown away, she’s Indian anyway

They’re dangerous, aren’t they?


It’s all connected but no one seems to know that

The rest of the world is fighting

Everyone thinks they have the short end

Of the stick of contentment

That they all wish for


No one knows what happened in the holocaust

The survivors are all dead

Broken down by years of remembered pain

No one really cares about the displaced Palestinians

They were the ones who caused 9/11, weren’t they?


The Albanian and Italian mafias

They keep fighting, they won’t stop

How can you expect them to?

Their life’s mission was decided before they were born

It’s a good thing I’m neither


The Africans are starving

That’s to be expected

They keep fighting

When will they stop to eat?

How is all of this my problem?


The reason it goes on

Is because no one cares

This whole matter tires me out

I wish I could wave a magic wand

And make it go away

Semi- secure poet


Talk to me. Please?

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