Wasted Grief

This post is dedicated to all the victims of grief. P.s- when you feel that you have no where else to go, Please turn to your Bibles. It helps. More than you can ever imagine. Specifically to Jeremiah 29:11. Ok? And try not to alienate yourself from your family and friends. They may not know what to say or how to say the right things, but you will need support and comfort and you will need them to provide that. Most of all, DO NOT ISOLATE YOURSELF FROM GOD! JUST DON’ T! Now, on to today’s post-

I didnt go to his funeral.

I didn’t see him put into the white box with the chrome edges

You see, “they” felt that it was unwise.

I yelled, I cried,

“They” only took that as a sign that I wasnt ready

“They” threw money at me

Wads of money

Stacks of coloured paper

I took it all

I burned it all

Right then in front of them

“They” were shocked

“They” held me and petted me

But when i came to their homes

“They” didnt know what to say to me

“They” gave me a pass

When I didnt come to school

“They” didnt comment

When i burned the chairs

In the parish

Where “they” didn’t bury him

Did they think he would taint the corpses?

Corrupt their now still hearts?

“They” stopped giving me passes

“They” said to get over it

People died everyday

People didnt do the things i did

“They” took me for deliverance

The pastor said I was demon possessed

“They” prayed, I fasted

“They” didnt notice

I grew thin

I grew weak

It was almost time, you see

Almost time

The bath beckoned

It had been his favourite place,

The place where he did

The last thing he ever would

As I slit my wrists

I wondered

What “they” would think when they saw me

Lying in the tub


Just the way Taiwo had been last year


One Comment Add yours

  1. rockcalvary says:

    Soo much emotion in this. I can almost feel the blood trickling down my wrist, like the tears down my face

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