To my very own Inbetweeners,
I love you. Because you loved me first (by commenting and following). However, my life is terribly busy these days and it might be a long while before I can post something I can be proud of. But that doesn’t mean I can’t post at all.

I loved this post and I hope it gets you to think. It’s written by the ever- awesome Temi, whose blog;- http://www.temipublished.wordpress.com first drew me because of its unusual name. Now I check the blog because its just so nice and the theme is so cute. Check it out too. 🙂

Temi, Published.

“If people define a man by the clothes he wears, the number of houses he has, the car he drives, he is a nobody.” – Prof A.B.C. Nwosu (Former Minister of Health)

Hey people, *brushes off cobwebs* its been almost two months since my last post. I won’t tell you why, but I WILL tell you I will put active effort into blogging more consistently. So, if you’re mad at me, can we please kiss and make up 😉 ?

As with most people, the nearing of each birthday puts one in a sober mood reflecting, analysing, reminiscing and generally pondering on not just what lies behind, but also the journey ahead. I turn 23 on the 24th. It’s astounding! I’m actually ageing?! I still feel like 4, 9, 16 and 21 wrapped in 1. It’s most certain that I feel NOTHING like a 23 year old. I constantly have…

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