It just occurred to me that I did promise to make this the best spur-of-the-moment blog ever. So, I ought to keep my promise.

So, without further ado:

The aforementioned teacher being a relatively new visitor, was very warmly ushered into the home by the “Madam” of the house. It was unknown at that point, but that was the first time one of the Madam’s annoying habits had saved her niece’s reputation and furthered her plans.

Upon leaving the house after 3 hours of stilted conversation on his part and enthusiastic responses on hers (not the intended victim), the young man left, his intent thwarted, his body still libidinous. He felt a sense of loss and a rage so hot, yet incapable of specific direction. He gloried in this rage for a while yet and then wondered at it. Had he sunk so low? He was handsome, he could have anyone he wanted (who was not too money minded), so why was he so fixated on this one? And thus, a dangerous chapter in Nnenna’s life passed without her notice or acknowledgement.

Valentine’s day at the Nwugeges was fraught with much drama, shouting and accusations. As she had been planning, Nnenna dropped her bomb on that day. She’d written down a list of arguments to counter whatever her relatives might say. Thus, she was not expecting the blow.

“Thwack!”, came the sound. It sent her to the floor, it ruined her perfectly maintained and as yet unblemished face. It caused her teeth to rattle and her hands to shake. When she shakily got to her knees, she was rewarded with another blow, on the still sore spot where the first had been received. Minor bleeding ensued. A wall then came in front of her; 2 not-so-little boys standing in front of her; defying their parents to rescue their friend.

3 hours later, in the boys room

The sound of Mr. Nwugege’s intermittent angry bellows behind the door was no more the absolute incentive it once was to say inside the room. Her bleeding still continued and all the tissue she and the boys had pressed to the wound was incapable of stopping it. They had turned to their school books, but paper had a slower absorption rate. Yet even that was not enough. They had used their clothing, yet it was not enough. Now, Nnenna was no longer responding to their urgent whispers. Her body was losing warmth and her face was getting pale.

Then, Ikwunna had the idea that changed all their lives forever….


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