I once heard it said… Love is a dedicated, committed feeling to looking out for the well being of someone else. It is not a dedicated feeling to looking under the person’s skirt, or into the person’s wallet. I just found out about this blog: Please go check it out in your spare time. This article is proudly presented by them…


Young woman grabbing man's necktieIn the part of the world where I’m from, cheap things are considered as inferior to their expensive counterpart, not only inferior but also substandard, or generally put “fake”. It is seen as a product for the people in the lower strata of life. A major characteristic of cheap things is the large quantity of their availability. You see them everywhere.

An average Rolls Royce, Lamborghini or Ferrari car will forever be more expensive, better valued and definitely function better than any average Toyota or Ford brand, why? The earlier mentioned brands are exclusive brand made once in a while and very few products per brand, but the latter are mass produced for the masses.

Now to the cause of the perambulations, I think I have had it up to my neck on how sex has become a “thing”, no special worth is left to it anymore, I see questions…

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