As I’ve stated before, I’m a total insomniac. And my streak- the days where I fell asleep without any help or prodding, seems to be over. Cry for me, if you can spare the tears. Anyway, I generally don’t like distinguishing between my followers but it recently astounded me that the person who was a big reason for my opening this blog- Ms. Neetah of www. is now following ME. Without my asking. Yay!.

Anyways, I’m a huge fan of literature. And just now I read this awesome books (really fast reader)- Monitored by Oladimeji Ojo, who also seems to be following me, surprisingly. A couple of things jumped out at me-

1. When you hit rock bottom, know that somewhere else, someone else has also hit rock bottom, in a rocky field.

2. Your life can get extremely shitty, but with a helping hand, or even by yourself, you can get out of it.

Coincidentally, it was for reason no. 2 exactly that I took over this blog. You know that person in your class or that friend who always seems to have it all. Awesome family, superb fashion style, drop dead gorgeous? That was me. To a T. But I was seriously depressed on some days. I could not sleep and when I slept, I was consumed with a desire to never even wake up. So I started this blog. Because that person I described above? Is also; a really boring person. I wanted to have something going for me that no one knew about. I took up baking, cooking, self- help and DIY in a BIG way. And when the depression hits now, if I’m not too tired, I walk. For a really long time. I’m a loner who’s trying to be an extrovert. Or rather, an extrovert who’s exploring the introverted side to herself.

Which brings me to Book no 2.- Tangled by Carolyn Mackler.

This book just reinforced all the above in a BIG WAY for me. Stuff happens. When it does sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and continue your life. I recently found out that all this while I’ve been taking chemotherapy medication and that’s why my hair has been falling out. I got depressed about that. But the medication is essential. Plus the side benefit; is that I might never get cancer in my life and frankly, I’m relieved about that.

The point of this post is just that WHEN YOUR LIFE SEEMS AS SHITTY AS IT CAN POSSIBLY GET, LOCK YOURSELF IN YOUR ROOM, PRAY, ROLL ON THE FLOOR, TAKE A LONG WALK, BASH YOUR FRIENDS ON A BLOG YOU POST ON ANONYMOUSLY, BE FRIENDS WITH THEM AGAIN, POST RANDOM STUFF ON YOUR BLOG OR EVEN, OPEN UP A BLOG. When you’re done with all that, thank God for your life and think of ways to make life better for those who don’t have it as good as you do. Even in all its messiness. Don’t kill yourself though. It always gets better. ALWAYS, IF YOU WORK AT IT.

BTW, To get MONITORED, go to to find out how.

Despite my previous post where I reinforce the fact already known to me – that I am not UJU, I do recognize that some of my followers are here because they think that I am. If you fall into that category, thanks for being here. I do appreciate it.


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