As the title states, my first guest post came in today.  I felt the need to immediately post it. This post was sent in by a young lady who I’m now compelled to seek out. Simply because-  every writer is a storyteller and in this story, her voice broke horribly. She wishes to keep her name quiet though. So I won’t tell.

Everyone needs a friend, try to be one today.  I’ve added a link so that you may put the story in context. Just click on the highlighted portion of the introduction.


Do you realize that people die everyday? Are you aware that people starve quite often, even in the “best countries”? That they are beaten, assaulted and killed?.

When Stacie was born, the doctor handed her to her tired looking mother. A delivery of a 9 ounce baby from a woman who barely topped 5’2 was a testament to the human strength of endurance.

Have you ever gotten so dizzy, you sat down on the floor in a marketplace? Gotten so tired you fell down while walking up the aisle on your wedding day? Advised not to bear children because your life might be endangered?

After the baby was cleaned up, he made his way back to the mother’s room to share in the joy that came from being with parents, however many children they’ve had. but when he got to the room, neither of the parents was smiling.

Have you ever been discharged from a hospital early? How did it feel? That moment where the doctors told you that everything in your body was working fine; did it make you exhale in relief? Gather breath in your lungs and run past the smiling nurses and frowning families?

The next time he saw the woman in the delivery room, he hoped he’d see a smile from her this time. His hope was granted. The biggest of smiles covered her face and that of the husband at the sight of this child.

How did it feel when you got a cab to your house? Were you dreaming that somehow your husband would have been so overjoyed at your surprise return that he cooked you lunch?

Wondering at the difference in demeanor, he asked the parents.

After you entered the house with your key, did you kiss your couch? Did you kneel to praise God who made you live to see another day?

More than anything for years after, the answer surprised him.

Your husband was not at home, what did you do next? Did you cook a 5- course meal? Set the table? Have candles at the ready to receive the hopefully quick, painless kiss from a lighted matchstick?

This is what they said:

Have you ever dreamt of soap? All your days bathing with hospital issued antiseptic soaps, did you ever dream about using your lavender colored bath creams? Or about taking a long slow bubble bath and then slowly putting on lingerie for your husband? Imagining how fast it will come off? Smiling at the thought?

“We actually want this child,

If you have, what was your reaction when your fantasies were shattered?

… we didn’t want the other”

When you saw your husband thrusting his pelvis in time to Montell Jordan into your sister?

“Why did you not want the other?”

Did you cry out? Or did you hold it in?

She has a disease…

Did they turn to look? Did your spoiled little sister cry at being caught with your husband?

It’s called sickle-cell anaemia.

Or did she gloat? Did she smile at you in triumph at her continued capacity to take everything you loved most?

She probably won’t live past her 3rd birthday.

Did your husband blanch when he saw you?

It’s happened 4 times before.

Or did he finish his thrusting and regard you with cold eyes?

We learnt not to waste any emotion on children who don’t live long enough to appreciate it. And this child will.

When the time for the confrontation came, did he actually sit at the table and munch on your five course meal? Did he rock your sister on his lap while feeding her too?

Scratching his head, the doctor recalled hearing about the condition in medical school.

Did he calmly, remorselessly state his reasons for betraying you so?

He left even more conflicted than he came

If you’ve gone through this, tell me  how to deal with this. Tell me what to say, how to act, how to live. And if you can’t look me in the eyes and tell me how, please keep reminding me that people die everyday. Keep reminding me so I feel better. Please keep reminding me.



I sincerely hope this is fiction.

For other would be guest post(er)s, my email is

Thank you for sending this in hon. We’ll be praying for you!


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