Your Classic Love Story…

So I found Uju. Or rather, she found me… So we collaborated on this post. The second instalment of this post, written by her, will come tomorrow.

The rush of blood to Stella’s face was the only visible sign of life. She stood as still as a statue, unmoving as she stared with a glint in her eye at her “husband to be”. Mary Katherine obligatorily followed her gaze, preparing to discount or reassure her, depending on which mood her sister was in at the time. What she did not expect was for the boy to turn around, prompting a scurrying noise from her sister, much like mice make when they run. And when he did, Mary Katherine did not expect him to have oddly shaped (crooked almond) beautiful hazel eyes fringed by “girl” eyelashes.
Alex for his part, had never expected to see a girl so beautiful staring as if thunderstruck at him. They shared a look, of mutual surprise and interest before the scurrying Stella returned and they were pulled apart. For one moment, Alex was disoriented. It was obvious that they were sisters. They looked and dressed too much alike to be anything but. He knew, as did the whole campus, that Stella had harboured hopes for them as a couple, but; as he’d felt in secondary school, they were nothing more than friendship material. Her sister/cousin/kinswoman on the other hand…
Over the course of the next 3 weeks, Mary Kate and Alex engaged in the most childish displays of affection. On her part, she couldn’t believe that she would find Alex so attractive. On his part, he’d been freaked out enough about Stella’s long and persistent crush that he’d slowly put her away at a safe distance. He’d never counted on crushing on someone who looked almost exactly like her and being unable to walk in or visit because he’d closed the door on what might have become a reasonably close acquaintanceship.
The climax occurred 2 days before Mary Kate was to leave. Alex and Mary Kate had looked at each other long enough, assessing each other silently. It was obvious that he was crushing on her and it was obvious that she was crushing on him. They’d both looked poleaxed at the sight of each other way too often for it to be harmless, mild flirtation. On the day, Mary Kate was looking around the school trying to imprint everything in her memory before she left. And Alex was looking around for her. They bumped into each other and got to stare at each other from the closest point. 2 bags of popcorn and they could have been romantic comedy stars, they were staring so hard.
It just happened. They were standing there, staring at each other and it just happened. Their mouths had to kick in, but they both wanted to talk. Yet as soon as she opened hers, his came closer until there was nothing left to do, but kiss. And so they did.
To be continued…


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