Touch My Heart. I Dare You

Hi people. Uju here, talking about… stuff,


Remember Primary School? (presuming that none of you are still there). In primary school, there was always a wave created by any person who had a good handwriting. Most of us had only just begun to write, thus anyone whose handwriting was great must have inherited it genetically. No other explanation was possible to our little minds.
Anyway, in Primary School, If a person had a great handwriting, we’d all conspire to sit beside the person. After that, we’d usually exchange notebooks so we could have a piece, a sample of such great handwriting in our own notebooks. These days, we’re all too busy fighting for elbow space on the shared tables that notebook exchange does not enter our minds.
For those not aware, this is not MY blog. It belongs to someone else. Now, we all know, presumably, how easy it could be to open a blog of my own. I have my reasons for not doing that.
Friendships are tenuous, the post “Chasing Phantasms” on this blog actually drew my attention to it. I have been betrayed, left and annoyed beyond comprehension this year. My first thought after all that was this… “I need some new friends”. Then I had to ask myself, who’s to say that my “new friends” won’t do the same. Won’t hurt me the way I’ve been hurt this year? There’s no guarantee that they won’t.

And in case you did not know, friendships are usually an indication of marriage. I like to think of myself a strong Christian. Thus, I don’t want to get married and divorced in short order. I need something more permanent if I do get married. So I gave everyone a second chance and a shorter leash. Love is a lot of things. Forgiving being the most applicable in this situation.
In the midst of the problems this year, I found out that practically everyone of my acquaintance had been through problems of the nature before.
What happened to the lessons of primary school? Those of tolerance and a childish desire and eagerness to play? To hand over our notebooks to someone who could very well be a perfect stranger, just so we could have a piece of the beauty they could create?
What happened to the beauty of sharing? Of tolerance? Of hope?
What happened to forgiveness?
I intend to bring it back. By my character.
Do unto others as you want to be done unto you. The Golden Rule.
I want to be forgiven, so I forgive.
I want to be loved, so I love.
I want to be helped, so I help.
I want to be touched in the heart, so I go out of my way, and touch others’ hearts.
Try to do the same this year. Tell me what happens, if you can.
P.S- I actually don’t like being touched, physically, but seeing as I love touching others, I’m learning to tolerate it.

Goodnight now.


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  1. CuriousShe says:

    Obianuju! I enjoyed reading this post and you made some very valid points but I must caution you, it is of extreme importance that you do not consider a friendship as a marriage.
    Friends WILL come and go, some will stay — Accepting this is the key to a happy life.
    I’m all about forgiveness but I usualy draw the line between forgiveness and continuing friendships. If a said friend bites me a third time, I will forgive and also make sure I never put myself in a situation to be bitten again.

  2. I do not consider it a marriage. I consider it an indication of marriage. Thanks for coming on here.

  3. Tomifeoluwa says:

    Wonderful and inspiring…Nice work, Uju!

  4. Thank you Tomi! I checked your blog. But I couldn’t leave a comment. Thanks for coming here.

  5. Oluseyi Mafolabomi says:

    O my God. O my God.

  6. Oluseyi Mafolabomi says:


  7. Oluseyi Mafolabomi says:

    Reblogged this on CONTEMPLATIONS and commented:
    This is really inspiring for me. I had to read it twice.

    1. hrh7 says:

      Thanks! I got reblogged!

  8. The tale of pry school handwriting, eh? Thanks for bringing back the old fun memories!

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