A Dance In The Rain.


Turn your frowns upside down. The how to.


It’s a cold world, a cold life, a cold day. I am alone in this cold dark world. The rain beats me down to my knees, I look around as my fears come to life, I am alone. Some races one must run alone, some songs we must sing solo.

Then I remember my maker, in whom I reposed much trust as a youth and in whom I placed confidence that He would never fail me. Looking on to these times, it seems like my prayers did not go beyond the ceiling, it seems like I mumbled coherences to the wind, it seems like my plea fell on deaf ears. With bitter cries of lamentation, I look up but the rain beats me more as showers run down my face as though in a hurry.

I am in the rain, hopeful for warmth and pleading for mercy. No help seems…

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