How to stay friends after a breakup, pt. 4

The light streaming from the windows woke Nnenna.  Turning her head from left to right, her first impression was confirmed. She was in the hospital. A frisson of alarm raced up her spine as she her eyes met those of someone else . A second glance quickly confirmed that the someone was in fact a some… thing.

Attempting to spring out of bed, she caused, however unwittingly, a chain reaction which resulted in her falling face down to the floor and the slippery floor to be soaked again with blood.


When all the Nwugeges arrived to spend some time on Sunday with Nnenna in the hospital, they were calmly informed by the nurse on duty at the front desk that there had been a relapse. More importantly they said, another deposit of N45,000 must be made for two other pints of blood. At this point, Mr. Nwugege’s temper, held so firmly in place erstwhile by his sons’ anger, chose to explode.

The cowering nurses admitted that the price of a pint of blood had in fact been grossly exaggerated by the good doctor.
After hurriedly shifting their burden to the good doctor, they successfully managed to escape from the room.
The doctor, sensing that this was not a situation he could easily extricate himself from did the only thing he felt capable of. He cried.
After regarding the snivelling man for a bit, the elder Nwugege gave the imperious command; he would not pay for any medicine to be administered and should anything happen to prolong his niece’s stay, the doctor would be facing a term in prison.
The doctor conceded defeat. The girl was just about ready to be discharged anyway.
Seconds later, the high- pitched scream disabused him of that notion.
After an hour of the hardest work he’d ever done, he finally accepted that he was going to jail.
Nnenna was dead.


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