Prayer chain

I read this earlier this year and it inspired me. Plus, I lay claim to Mr. David Brian Paley now as a sort of grandpa. But that is not the point. The point is this- I’ve always felt as though one of my spiritual gifts is the gift of intercession.
This is where it gets interesting- I choose to remain anonymous and in the comments, you can choose to remain anonymous yourselves. But if you have any prayer points, especially going into the year 2015, please drop a comment on this post with the prayer point(s) or if you prefer, send an email to my (our) inbox- simply titled Prayer Chain or Prayer Requests.
P.s- please spread the news to your family and friends. To everyone you know.
And for the people who will choose to comment here, please join me in prayer as well.
There is unbelievable power in the blood of Jesus. Let it break every chain in your life.
Drop a comment! Spread the word!

http:// Tasha Cobbs – Break Every Chain (Lyrics):


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ropheka says:

    To begin with start your day thanking jehovah, jesus and the Holy Spirit for they have done for you and ask them to guide you through the day

    At the end of the day thank them for all the wonderful things they blessed you with throughout the day bot big and small (this is good for insomnia as I always go into a peaceful sleep before the prayer is finished)

    1. hrh7 says:

      Thank you Ropheka!

  2. granonine says:

    I would treasure prayer for the people I see in my counseling office; for wisdom from God in my dealing with them, and for the Holy Spirit to prompt me toward the scriptures that would best speak to the hearts of my clients.

    1. hrh7 says:

      Thank you. I’ll get started on that right about now

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