The Top 5 Reasons (Why) Your New Year Goals May Fail


Please read it to the very end.
Belatedly, Happy New Year Inbetweeners!


2015, God’s gift of time to you is here and counting. 7 days already. Hopefully, you have bright goals for this year like you did last year. Sadly, you just might not achieve those goals, here’s why:”


1. You never really believed in your goals.

“All things are possible to him who believes”MARK 9:23 (KJV)

It’s really hard to accomplish goals that you don’t believe in deep down inside. Did you write out your plans with a clear conviction that you will succeed? Or you scribbled just enough bullet points to silence that nagging beep in your conscience that comes from having no goals?

If you have no faith in your ability to actually get it done even before you start, you lose the inner drive and creativity that brings success. Most likely, such half – hearted plans fail.

2. You have no clear strategy HOW to work it.

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