The Fine Art of Conversational Context

Weird things have been known to happen to me.
If you ever saw a car driving normally along the road before careening into the sidewalk, I was probably the intended recipient of that proposed hit.

Have you seen a person walking on a zebra crossing, carrying a laptop bag and getting hit by a bus? Congratulations, you just met me.

Let me rephrase that- weird things have been known to seek me out.

Which brings us to the discussion at hand.

The weird things that have happened to me are not solely restricted to cars, buses and even trucks (yes I have a truck testimony as well).

The weirdest experiences I’ve had are people related.

For instance, I’ve had the unique experience of a man coming out of a shop/beer parlour (I don’t know which) to ask me if that was how I walked etc (I’m sure I have similar stories but I can’t bother with finding them in my memory now ๐Ÿ™‚ )

But the issue I speak of now is more specific: WHY DO PEOPLE WHO DON’T KNOW YOU BELIEVE IT IS OKAY TO TALK TO YOU ANYHOW?

I’ve had 2 experiences with this-

1) Over a year ago, a woman came into my line of vision, imperiously demanding to be shown or directed to the venue of an event. My friend who was with me roundly, soundly ignored her. I, on the other hand, made an extra effort. Not only did I give her directions, I escorted her to the place, going really out of my way. Now, I was not expecting money or any such thing but when I asked if she was a member of the press, she gave me such a rude response I stood there gaping. And she didn’t even bother to say thank you. When I got back downstairs, my friend saw the look on my face and laughed. I was so angry that day.

2) In case you believe only women are capable of this; Just the other day I was at the bank. They were doing repairs on the doors so no one could get in or out. They did this for 20 minutes. When it became apparent that the repairs wouldn’t be so easily concluded, I went to find a seat. When they finished, it was 4:02pm and there was a backlog of people waiting to get into the bank. As I do not like mob scenes, I waited until the arena was mostly clear. Then I entered the special doors designed to scan for metal objects, holding all my metal items aloft. Still it beeped and the voice told me to “please go out and leave all metal…

“Get OUT!” said a man inside the bank. He proceeded to say a couple of other nonsense as well. I refused to leave.

You see I was about to “go out and leave my metal objects (or my whole bag) in the box outside”, but the minute this guy SCREAMED at me, I raised my eyebrow, stared at him and refused to move.

It was only when I saw him go out through the other scanner/door that I left. My intention was to ask why he started yelling but he walked so fast and I was so ENRAGED that I was sure I would say things I would regret so I sucked in air and refused to let it out until he had mostly gone away.
Soon another young man who had seen the whole event came out and seeing the man stomping out, turned to me and asked me; “why was that man shouting at you. Did he know you before?” A
I replied in the negative, and I mentioned that he was a “fucking idiot” and I turned away. The security guard then told me the bank had closed.

I’m nice, for the most part. But yell, shout or scream at me and you might put a flame on my own temper. For the most part, I ignore such incidents or laugh them off. These 2 stick because they made me so mad. Mostly because on those days there were special circumstances.

The day of incident 1 I was on my way home. I was fasting at the time and I was quite weak. Explaining didn’t work so I had to lead this woman upstairs, further sapping my energy.
Incident 2, I was dizzy. My heart was racing and I wanted water.

I could have excused that woman’s rudeness if for instance, I had spoken rudely to her or was her daughter who had just burned all her clothes but I wasn’t.
Or that savage animal if we were related, and he was choking and I had been laughing. But again, I wasn’t.

I guess I just have to accept that there are people in this world who will make you feel like vomit any chance they get. Mostly it’s up to me not to let them. But should I encounter more such idiots when my guard is down, you just might get a sequel to this post.

Moral of the Story
If there is no previous relationship, no aggravating situation etc don’t be a fucking idiot?

Please and thank you!


34 Comments Add yours

  1. Uhmn, you have done well helping the woman in the first incidence, I suppose some people are just rude. Here is something to make you feel better. I saw a clip online of a guy who held a door for a woman to go through first at a local store, the lady went through with no acknowledgement of the gesture, so the guy ran after her, pulled her back into the store and shut the door! ๐Ÿ™‚

    On the second incidence, I do hope one day our banks find better ways to secure their offices, that metal detector thing is annoying. And the ‘nosey parker’ guy? Oh well…

    1. hrh7 says:

      Wow, he actually pulled her back? That must have been a shock. And yes, it does make me feel better.
      And definitely, those doors can be painfully annoying. The ones at Firstbank are quite good but the rest? Not so much.
      The nosy parker. He was quite nice and he just reinforced my conviction that that should not have happened but oh well, it did and we find ways to live with disrespect all the time.
      Thank you Ms. Folakemi for leaving such a wonderful comment on my blog. How are you and yours?

  2. They are everywhere, it seems. I mostly find myself on the receiving end of a hand gesture when I drive the posted speed limit, instead of going faster…

    1. hrh7 says:

      I’m so sorry I haven’t responded to this. I’m glad for you that you have not been the recipient of unprovoked verbal violence. And I hope you never are.

  3. I dey well my sister, thank you. Hope you are too.

    I just tried looking for that clip but no luck, if I ever come across it again I’ll leave a link here. It may have been staged to pass on valuable lessons to the members of the public as there was no words exchanged but the message is well understood that it costs us nothing to show appreciation for others’ kindness.

    Oh, Nose Parker was the first guy yelling at you, I would have thought if the bank deemed you ‘dangerous’ because of some keys/belt buckles, they would have done something. The second guy, I agree he was a nice guy just being human/caring.

    1. hrh7 says:

      I’m great, thank you.
      Thank you. If you ever find that clip, I would love to see it.
      Be great!

  4. D'Dream says:

    Some people can be so haughty and saucy and it cross over each genders. I was in a public transport a few weeks ago, i sat athe back of the public bus enjoying the scenery as the bus veer off. Suddenly a nursing mother who sat beside me ask me to help her to carry her baby, as she want to change the baby diaper.
    Being a nice guy and not wanting to sound mean, i oblidged.i love kids too so that wasnt a problem. I was rocking the baby and then i felt a liquid seeps through my trouser – it was the baby urinating on me.
    Immediately i decides to return the baby to his mother so as to clean up,i wasnt complaining. She ddnt buldge yet she ask me to keep playing with him that she will son be through with what she was looking for – i was mad with rage considering the fact thag i wil soon alight.
    And she said something that even more proposterous. ‘Wait na, are you not old enough to be a father?’.
    I lost my cool and give her a nice lecture on appreciation technique laced with insults.

    Sorry for my long epistle, i just typed as e dey pain me , lols

    1. hrh7 says:

      The baby urinated on you? Ouch! And you didn’t complain? You’re awesome, chop this knuckle ๐Ÿ‘Š
      I don’t have much experience with carrying babies in transportation but I say this with love though- babies can be annoying! Like seriously so.
      I’m glad you opened your mouth to tell her where she was wrong. People need to realise that just because others are nice doesn’t entitle them to take advantage of them.
      I feel your pain.
      Thank you for the comment, and for sharing your own story.

      1. D'Dream says:

        Lolz my sista, na so i see am o

  5. Very interesting experiences you’ve shared here. You have an observant mind and the talent to relate everyday happenings in a way that is captivating to read. I want to say it’s great. My encouragement.

    1. hrh7 says:

      Thank you Sir. I really appreciate your insight.

  6. The other day I went to the dental clinic – general hospital and the guy at the desk told me to drop my card in the box, I did that and turned to ask him a quick question and I started very pleasantly ‘sorry, please excuse me’.
    Next thing I heard was, can’t you see that I’m busy! Go and sit down!
    Hian?! Even if its a kid you’re talking to please. I just looked at him in shock, stood there for a bit and then walked off.

    People can be so annoying.

  7. hrh7 says:

    Hi! Did this happen in a Nigerian hospital?
    I’m sad it happened to you. It seems like people these days don’t respect boundaries or believe that respect is reciprocal.
    Thank you for commenting.
    P.s- I loved your double demin with a twist post.

  8. akaglue says:

    I have a very tough skin to what people say. There are mad people everywhere. I went to lagos market one day, and a well dressed man, ran into me on purpose, like he hit me hard, I turned expecting an apology but he rather snared at me! How cheeky of him!

    1. hrh7 says:

      I’ve almost had that experience before. But I had a strong feeling that this one was out to “tap current”. I swerved to the side at the last minute. He almost fell down and I was sooooo satisfied!

  9. tessadoghor says:

    I take a lot of ‘hits’ daily
    I believe they are helping me develop the fruit of patience and kindness and of course it gives me an opportunity to witness Christ.
    Not nice enough to get peed on, on my way to work though.

    On the other hand, some people are not worth responding to, especially if they are that ill mannered. Don’t respond to them, people can’t be thinking you’re crazy like them. Ignore101 is a human relations course, put it to work.

    1. hrh7 says:

      The spiritual aspect was what I was thinking when I sucked in air and refused to let it go. And yes, I will.

  10. Igbocurls says:

    Oh dear! I know I would have snapped if a random stranger yelled at me. People need to learn to keep their frustrations to themselves.

    1. hrh7 says:

      Ndo. It’s a good thing then that no strangers have yelled at you yet.
      And i completely agree. They need to learn.

    1. hrh7 says:

      I already corrected it for you.

      1. Igbocurls says:

        Thank you. Haha, they better not try it.

      2. hrh7 says:

        You have a friendly face though. I haven’t seen your angry face yet. Do you think someone might make you angry out of curiosity? I wonder.

      3. Igbocurls says:

        I’m super friendly and I can be very nice but I don’t like being anyone’s joke.

        My brother always tells me, there’s a look I give that scares men. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ Anyway, it’s hard to get me angry though. I get upset but I always try to cool down before I get angry.

      4. hrh7 says:

        I’m not super friendly sha. I’m friendly but I can’t attach the super before it. And I completely understand you about not being anybody’s joke.
        See my version of that particular face here =>
        On the contrary, I find that it is much more preferable to get angry and close my mouth or rant than to keep holding resentment inside. Once, I screamed at someone for 2 whole hours because I was breathing in and keeping calm. I refuse to let anyone give me a heart attack. So once, I’ll ignore. Twice, I’ll warn. Three times, I’ll scream. It’s not elan exact science but it works for me.

      5. Igbocurls says:

        Haha! Brilliant! ๐Ÿ˜€

      6. hrh7 says:

        Thank you.
        This is my former blog though. It belongs to a friend now. Come visit my current blog whenever you have the time =>

  11. Adaku says:

    Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! And I don’t know why people do that. The other day one man was screaming and hurling insults at me in a bus simply because I was trying to adjust and not to suffocate in the space he was squashing me in.The funny thing is this has happened before and back then, it was a girl who I told that she should slap me and forget talk, then we would know how far.
    Now, everybody was just looking at us, maybe waiting for me to shout back.
    I was a recovering angerholic at that time and my game was getting strong, and I was really happy I wasn’t phased by him.
    I simply told him that it’s not me he would transfer the anger of his wife annoying him on.
    I wish I used that statement we normally use: If them send you, tell them say you no see me ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

    1. hrh7 says:

      Lol. Very funny. I have trouble with naturally aggressive people. In that same situation, I’m sure I’d probably calmly tell him that there is no more space and I need to be able to breathe. What you told the girl, that’s not something I’m sure I could ever do. But unprovoked violence? I’m not really not sure how I’d respond.
      Enjoy my blog. But this is a shared blog. My personal blog is here =>

    2. hrh7 says:

      Thanks for the comment! It is much appreciated.

      1. Adaku says:

        You’re welcome! Heading over to your personal blog now ๐Ÿ˜Š

      2. hrh7 says:

        Thanks! Please tell me what you think?

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